Cancellato il tour dei Nebula
A pochi giorni dalla cancellazione del tour dei Dr.Know arriva anche quella del tour europeo dei Nebula. Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale della band, come sepre ci scusiamo per eventuali disagi creati e ci auguriamo di recuperare tutte le date italiane quanto prima.

"EUROPEAN TOUR CANCELLED: a note to all of our fans, friends, and folks in Europe

dear Europe:

we are very sorry to have to cancel our Sept-Oct 2009 tour of Europe. The Sound Of Liberation booking agency and many awesome venues and bands have worked very hard to make this tour happen and we are very thankful to them for their efforts. Unfortunately we had a member leave the band during our US tour that we are on now, and a new member join the band just to finish the US tour.

These events have left us in a position of being unable to go to Europe in a dignified and professional manner, and we are currently working on arranging another European tour as soon as possible with our new line-up to bring you the BEST possible live show that we can! We are excited to return to Europe with our new line-up as soon as we are healthy, rested, and ready to do so.

We appreciate your understanding of this decision. This is a difficult decision for us to make and we are not happy about having to cancel the tour, of course we love to tour and play music every day, and this is very sad for us to do, but this is the reality that we are forced to deal with.

Again we apologize to any venues, promoters, bands, etc that have been inconvenienced by this situation. NEBULA has always been loyal and worked to play amazing music for our fans and friends and that is why we must postpone this tour until we are ready to bring a solid and mind-blowing live show to you.

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